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I created a Free Tax Calculator and subtly promote NANO in it. Please Read!

Edit: The "historical Price Download", is not working anymore as bandwidth on Github LFS is limited (I didnt know that). I am reuploading it on Google Drive after work :))
Hi together! I created a Free Python Script to process your trade histories.
I am a big NANO supporter and I subtly promote NANO in it :P (Check out the Logo and Screenshots) As I could only use my transaction histories I need your help.
Please follow the HOWTO (below) and try to calculate your profits! If you run into any problems (and there will be bugs!) or if you need more exchanges write it in the comments and I will add them! (I could only integrate the ones I use, cause I only got csv files from there)
The tool is working fine for me and I could perfectly calculate my profit, payed fees and last buy times to determine the 12 month holding time.

The code is not that complex, so take a look at it and feel free to add, correct or modify stuff and make sure to push it :)

CryptoProfIT (Alpha Version)
The profit result can be used to calculate the tax on your crypto. The output are two csv-files. Example Screenshots can be found below.
The output files contain: - Sorted full trade history (converts all exchange exports to the same formatting) - Fees per Trade (inklusive Overall Payed fees) - Profit per trade (Overall profit. This can be used to easily calculate your personal capital taxes) - Profit can be calculated in EUR or USD. (Data from European Central Bank) - Amount of your Cryptocurrencies - Display the different BUY-INs by amount and date. So you can control the 12 month holding period.
Supported Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken, Mercatox, Poloniex, Costum*
*A dummy file is included that can be used to easily add trades of other exchanges. If you give me a csv-file export from other exchanges (you can modify the digits for privacy) I will add them.
PLEASE READ: I wrote this tool to calculate my taxes and it did the job fine! Nevertheless it is not well tested yet. If you run into trouble, please write an issue and I will fix it! Thank you :)


Screenshot1 Screenshot of the output.csv. The data of all exchanges is formatted in its specific ways and displayed in a uniform style. Type always refers to the first token of the pair! (First transaction shows buying XRP by BTC) Base Price always refers to the second token of the pair. Base Price in USD shows the price of the second token in USD.
Screenshot2 Screenshot of the holding_output.csv. This file can be used to specify your remaining holding times, as Capital gains do not need to be taxed in many countries after 12 month The picture shows (in red), that the first of the remaining ETH were bought on 2017-06-02, meaning that this amount is tax-free one year later. The blue frame shows the date for the next tokens...
Screenshot3 Console output of the Python script (Not my real data ;)


For now, there is no Gui so you have to use the python script. If some dev likes to help, making a gui or a brython version would be neat.


Setting up Python:

Using the script:

* This package uses the European Central Bank as source for EUUSD to get the historical exchange rates. Author: Alex Prengère Home Page:

Fork information:

A tax accountant told me, you need to pay taxes on the profit of your received forked coins as soon as you get them. Therefore a "dummy" trade needs to be manually added to one of the csv export files in "trade_history_files". * Add a "Buy" transaction at the moment you reveived the coins. (with price "0") * Add a "Sell" transaction a few seconds later (price = initial price of forked coin) you made the inital profit. * Add a "Buy" transaction a few seconds later than before (price = initial price) Because you know still got the coins Simplifing this could be a feature in a future version...

Using the dummy-file:

You can use this file to add trades from exchanges that do not provide trade history exports. Important: You have to use the same formatting like the sample data in the file. Ensure the right date formatting, and use "." for decimals.

Other Information:


I wrote this tool to calculate my taxes and thought I share it. I do not guarantee that the results are 100% accurate, but the script might help you getting a well formatted output csv you can work with.


If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

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