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GPU Mining Crash Course - START HERE!

Welcome All to the GPUMining Crash Course!
With the increase in prices in cryptocurrency, a lot of people are getting back into mining and a lot of people are brand new to the concept overall. So, I quickly wrote this crash course to help you understand what to expect and how to successfully mine your first cryptocurrency. This crash course isn't gonna have all of the fluff you'd see in a normal publication. This is just everything you need to know to get up and running on your first cryptocurrency mining rig.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

One of the main things about cryptocurrencies is that they are "decentralized". Sounds great, but WTF does that even mean? Well, the easiest way to explain it is...
You know how if you want to send your friend/family money digitally, you can do so through your bank. Your bank likely takes a transaction fee and in a few days they will transfer the money. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, they don't have a bank or organization to fulfill the transfer of money. Instead, they outsource the computing power of their cryptocurrency network to miners (soon to be you). These miners are verifying transactions, securing the blockchain, and powering the cryptocurrency's specific network among other things. As an incentive, the miners collect transaction fees on the transactions that they verify and collect block rewards while new currency is still being introduced into the ecosystem.

What kind of rig should I build?

You can mine cryptocurrencies using your CPU, GPU, FPGA, or ASIC, but this is a GPU Mining subreddit, so I will cater this to GPUs.
For building a great all-around GPU rig, there are two models of GPUs that I'd recommend:
Both of these GPUs have solid hashrates across most mining algorithms and for a decent price! You should be able to find both of these kinds of GPUs used for around $200-$250 each, which is a great price if you know what happened during the last mining craze! ($200 GPUs were out of stock everywhere and people were reselling them for $600+ each)
There are also plenty of great AMD GPUs for mining, but I've worked mostly with Nvidia so that's why both of my recommendations are Nvidia and not AMD.
Other parts to your rig that you'll need are listed below. Most of these can be pieces of crap and are just needed to make the rig actually run, but the one spot you DON'T want to cheap out on is the power supply unit. A decent power supply unit will keep your home from burning down while also keeping your rigs up and running smoothly. Here are my recommendations:

She's built, now what?

Now you need to do a few things. I am a Windows miner, so I will be speaking to Windows here:
  1. Update Windows - Do all of the updates. Just do it.
  2. Update Drivers - Go to the EVGA website and download GeForce experience. It will keep your GPU drivers up to date.
  3. Go to Windows Device Manager and make sure all of your GPUs show up under "Display Adapters". If it is there, but it isn't showing the Name/Model of the GPU as the name, right click it and select "Update Driver". This should fix it.
Assuming you've done all of this, you're ready to download a mining application.

Mining Software

There are tons to choose from! Claymore, Phoenix, EWBF, LolMiner, etc... It can be overwhelming pretty quickly since they all have different algorithm support, speeds, efficiencies, and a whole lot more. On top of that, in order to get them running you need to set up batch files to call the proper exe, point you to the correct pool, and a whole bunch of other stuff that can be confusing to a new user. Not to mention, you will probably need a separate miner, config file, batch file, etc. for each different algorithm that you're interested in mining on.
Instead, I recommend that you download a miner management software that will take care of most of this tedious work for you. There are a few in the sidebar, but the /GPUMining favorite is AIOMiner. It was developed by our very own community member, xixspiderxix with the intention of making mining as easy as possible to do and without any fees. It supports over 100 different algorithms, so you'll be able to mine nearly ANY cryptocurrency you'd like. Just download it from their website and it will take you through a quick tutorial to help you get set up! You can also connect your rig to their website for remote monitoring and control. You've probably seen a few of their posts around this subreddit.
Other Windows mining softwares include:
Note: Many mining softwares have fees built into them. Most are around 1%, but can go as high as 5% or greater! You want a mining software with little or no fees at all so that you get to keep as much cryptocurrency as possible. These fees aren't something you actively pay, the software will automatically take it by mining on the developers behalf for a given amount of time and then switching back to mining on your own behalf. So, please be diligent in the software that you evaluate and make sure it is reputable.

I keep hearing about NiceHash. What is that?

The asshole of the mining industry. Jk, but not really.
NiceHash is a software program that allows you to sell your rig's hashing power to someone on their marketplace. They market themselves as profitable mining, but you're not really mining. You're selling your power in exchange for Bitcoin.
They did a great job telling people that with them, you're always mining the most profitable coin, but that's just not true. Since it is a mining marketplace, they make you mine whatever their most expensive contract is. If their contracts are below market prices, then you're not operating as efficiently and profitably as you could be.
NiceHash also has a sketchy history, which continues to this day. In 2017, they were hacked and lost $65M worth of Bitcoin. No one got paid out for MONTHS and many of their executives conveniently resigned. Their platform is also used to destroy cryptocurrencies. Since people are able to purchase mining power on their platform, people have used their platform to purchase enough mining power to control individual cryptocurrencies and duplicate coins, which increased the malicious user's wealth while completely destroying the integrity of the coin's blockchain. HoriZEN (formerly ZenCash), Ethereum Classic, and many other great cryptocurrencies have been the victim of NiceHash's platform.
For this and many other reasons, we highly recommend that you stay AWAY from Nicehash. We understand that it is extremely easy to use and you get paid in bitcoin, but they are destroying the industry with their greed and lack of motivation to change their platform for the protection of cryptocurrencies.

Concluding Thoughts

This is pretty much everything you need to know to get started. We covered the hardware, setting up the software, which software to use, and AIOMiner's tutorial will get you up to speed on how to actually mine the cryptocurrency that you want better than I can explain it, so I'll leave that part to them.
If you have any questions on this crash course, please leave a comment below where myself and other community members will be able to help you out.
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A good news for everyone. GPU price drop in 2018. Finally, you can see and buy one at a reasonable price in India. For a long time, the price of a graphics card keeps on increasing due to which it was impossible for someone to build a custom PC over pre-built PC’s. Because both of them cost exactly same for a certain specification. Let me give you a brief, the launch price of Gtx GeForce 1070 is INR. 35,000 but due to hike & hype the price rises up to INR 50,000 which is an increase of 15%.
Basically, a GPU (Graphics processor unit) is a microprocessor specialized for video calculation. It will take a load of video calculation from your computer & calculate if for you so, that your CPU can run and do other tasks more effective & efficiently. Graphics card has a much faster RAM and the processor which help it to do the certain task like games, video rendering etc more productively.
WHY HIKE IN PRICE? Before addressing how much drop & supply is now available on the market. Let us see why price hiked in the first place. The main reason for the hike in the price of GPU’s is Cryptocurrency & Cryptomining -Cryptocurrency mining, or crypto mining, is a process in which transactions for various forms of cryptocurrency are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger. Also known as crypto coin mining, altcoin mining, or Bitcoin mining (for the most popular form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin), cryptocurrency mining has increased both as a topic and price of GPU because for a while now GPU’s are the necessary equipment for mining. And there are also some other things like less production, company strategies in it.
There are several reasons for the GPU price drop. The main area is following:-
SAIC (Specialized application integrated chip) Overflow of cards 11th series GPU cards SAIC (Specialized application integrated chip) – It is a hardware feature for the people who want to do a specific work like mining. These chip help miners to do crypto mining. It is a specific specialized chip made for performing mining work more effectively than a graphics card. And it is now available in every market. Therefore all the miner are moving towards this hardware. Because it has more life, can do more & it cost cheaper than a graphics card.
The overflow of cards – Due to SAIC hardware and less demand of GPU in the market. The companies now have a pile of GPU’s laying around, plus the old miners are selling their used graphics cards in cheap on e-commerce websites. So, right now the GPU’s like Nvidia GeForce series is available on discount.
11th series GPU cards – There is a confirmation in the market that NVIDIA will release 11th series graphics card on June 11th. It is been 2 years since last launch GPU’s by Nvidia, therefore, they will launch something new this year, that is why they are selling out cheap.
If you are on a budget, then you are probably thinking which card will give me the best value for money.
So, If you have a budget of 10-15k go with GTX 1050 ti, not with 1050.
And I suggest if you are willing to spend some more then skip GeForce 1060 and buy Geforce 1070 or 1070 ti founder edition. Because it will last longer and you can enjoy any title on high setting with more than 60fps.
Founder edition is a card manufactured & retail only by Nvidia. Other cards other than founder edition are called custom cards which are manufactured by other companies like ASUS & MSI. They also have same specification and features sometimes more than Founder edition. So, why founder edition card. The main reason and difference is the heat dispense system inside the founder edition card. In India, not everyone has a fully air-conditioned room hence, therefore, the PC case needed to be properly ventilated.
gpu vents
And the problem with custom cards is that their fan dispenses all the hot air inside the case itself. While on another hand the Founder edition cards dispense all the air directly outside the case through vents on the left side. If you do not have a cooling problem go with custom cards because they are cheap and sometimes better than FC cards.
GPU PRICE TRENDS GPU PRICE TRENDS The price drop is significant almost about 40% you can buy these card now directly from any e-commerce website but some websites are still selling them at hiked prices. So, you can head on NVIDIA India for the best price or
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Bitcoin Mining Noob Questions Thread

I've been going through a couple of resources on Bitcoin mining, such as BitcoinTalk, and I thought I'd post a couple of questions here. I'm a web dev who recently (quite late) discovered virtual currency mining.
First things first, I currently have or plan to get the following -:
I'm thinking of setting my GPU toward mining altcoins and getting ASIC miners for Bitcoins. To save power, I'll have the Raspberry Pi controlling them instead of my desktop PC running all day. I have read that Bitcoin mining difficulty has shot through the roof.
So here are my questions -:
My apologies if the questions are stupid. Feel free to boop on the head.
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Got myself a wallet, now how do i get Bitcoin?

Hey Reddit,
I tried to get into Bitcoin a while ago but it was complicated and so i didn't follow it through. After reading the article on the front Page i decided to give it a go again and downloaded myself a wallet and already found out my address. It is currently Syncing with the network.
Now about the more troublesome part. Unfortunately there is no BitCoin Selling Machine next to me but i read on the FAQ that I can get Bitcoin by letting my computer solve some math equations, preferably on my graphics card. Now my Laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics card. How many Bitcoins will it get me in a day of calculation? also how do I start the process? The Wallet doesn't seem to have a menu for mining and i don't understand how a different program that might do the calculations will put the Bitcoins into my wallet. Or does it tell the Bitcoin-Group that i solved a problem and they then ask me for my address?
Thank you for bearing me :)
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